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Breathe Again..

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Nine months ago I loss my superhero.

My father, my very first love, my protector, my counselor and my number one intercessor. My personal preacher and teacher.

The pain of it is still present - not as excruciating as it used to be but I still feel it.

I wasn’t ready for that y’all.

The reason I wasn’t ready is because the Lord was doing some amazing things in our relationship. And we were both enjoying it. As a matter of fact we had planned to celebrate our milestone birthdays together last year. When the diagnosis came things started to change, as receiving news like that would.

After that we never talked ‘the future’ again.

Today as challenging as it can be at times - I find myself moving forward and planning for the future. Without my superhero, one of my biggest cheer leaders, the one who loved on me like no one ever could.

Before I became aware of the diagnosis I was in the midst of planning several things.

And in the blink of an eye my life took a very hard left. My superhero, one of my biggest cheer leaders, the one who loved me unconditionally went home to be with the Lord.

As I prepare for our yearly conference I’m also preparing to brace myself for the reality of not being able to celebrate with my dad for Father’s Day.

Jesus & Therapy is not a bad thing.

You can heal.

You will heal.

You will have joy.

And you will have peace.

You will be excited about the future again!


Your sister & friend


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