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This past week I encountered three instances where relationships were talked about. I took

this as an opportunity to share my feedback about what I heard.

The First was a video from Dr. Myles Monroe, the title was Why some men find Women too Aggressive got them. The man of God laid it out and broke it down, down. Whew. Now I know there does need to balance with aggression so that it doesn’t spill over into something disrespectful however I understood the point he was making.

The second, a radio broadcast, the guest speaker was identifying different types abuse in a relationship. He was so passionate while conveying his message knowing when to get out of it and how. He paralleled it with what we have been taught verses the truth and the consequences you can encounter if you don’t take heed to the truth.

And lastly - this example involved a couple in leadership. I wasn’t looking for this information but came across it in search of something else. This couple had been on a reality show, married for almost 20 years.

The husband chose to post news of their separation and impending divorce publicly. Without her approval. I saw her follow up letter apologizing to their congregation about not being able to sit face to face with anyone on how to move forward with what obviously was going on behind the scenes.

Listen when I tell you Relationships have always been under fire. We can pick several examples from the Bible to support this statement.

To safeguard what we believe to be sacred I am of the persuasion that EVERYONE should pursue counseling. On a consistent basis. As soon as you’re old enough to receive instructions it’s time. You will learn how to be rational, approachable, considerate, kind on purpose, humble and selfless amongst many other things. IF you apply what’s being conveyed to you.

The world could be a better place (wishful thinking). Our work environments would be different. Our Childrens experiences amongst their peers could be different. Things that take place in our houses of worship could be different. And Lord knows the environments in our homes would be different.

I am by no means excluding how having a meaningful relationship with Christ can impact our relationships. That coupled with Reading and Meditating upon wthe word of God with the intention of doing what is says. Having a lifestyle of worship and prayer with the Lord. And receiving prayer and what some of us know as deliverance with the goal being not to return to behaviors that you received deliverance from can help the process.

It takes works and lots of purpose inspired actions and decision.

The people you love are worth it right.

The people that need to hear about the redeeming power of the love of God by seeing you being a proponent of it in the relationships you have are worth it right?

We need to be SEEN being loving in our horizontal relationships with our parents, siblings, spouses & children. We need to be seen honoring the relationships we have with our brethren.

We need to normalize this right?

If we want to reproduce after our own kind right shouldn’t healthy relationships be apart of this?

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Angela Hunter
Angela Hunter
Jul 04, 2022



Nilija Bailey
Nilija Bailey
Jun 29, 2022

I wholeheartedly agree with this!!


Jun 28, 2022

This was beautifully stated. I especially love we need to be SEEN loving one another. Right Relationships are very key to advancing the kingdom.

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