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The Beginning of a New Year!

We are officially two days into the start of a new year..

Inhale and exhale right.

I know a lot of things have changed around us and not on personal level alone but globally. Things that are out of our control.

In the midst of these changing times it may be difficult to keep up, catch your breath before something else happens and on top of that, keep your focus on your to do list.

I get it, like I really do get it and I can totally relate.

When this happens I like to mediate on and confess aloud in prayer this passage of scripture, 2 Corinthians 12:9.

Let me encourage you on this day, in your times of uncertainty that can cause your faith in God to waiver. If you have moments of weakness draw strength from the strength giver, Christ Himself.

This doesn’t mean that things around will always go the way we want them to, it simply means that we have someone we can run to with our concerns whenever we need to. The Holy Spirit will help you. He will help us.

I know that He can and I know that He will.

In our weakest moments His strength is made perfect.



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